Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time of the Heathen

I have completed a novel, TIME OF THE HEATHEN, that could be classified in any of the genres Literary/Fantasy/Sci Fi. I will try to post a sentence a day from the book. See the website for a description of the novel, a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, and a free download of the first 50 pages.

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the book and the Literary/Fantasy/Sci Fi genres. Currently I am seeking a literary agent for the book but also developing an independent marketing scheme to distribute the book electronically over the Internet. This blog is also the correct place to discuss experiences with direct marketing of literary material.

Something about me:
I have written almost 50 technical books for Fortune 1000 companies as a Sr. Technical Writer. My last three books have been published by Microsoft.

James E. Matteson