Saturday, October 24, 2009


Here is an excerpt from the first chapter. The couple (Alysa and Ewan) meet the Shadowman and his minions for the first time.

Without warning shadow figures stepped from the darkness and, with a sound like the fluttering of raven's wings, took places on the piceous benches on both sides of the table. They were flat two-dimensional featureless sihouettes, turning their heads on their bodies like birds, nodding, chirping as a group. She looked at one intently. As she did it grew strangely three-dimensional with shadow cheeks, nose, lips, and blinking eyes. When she looked away in perplexed embarrassment it again became a sihouette. The shadow man noticed her response. Brushing aside the hair lying over her ear, he whispered.

"Pay attention to them and they grow lifelike. Ignore them, well, they don't like to be ignored."