Friday, November 20, 2009

Updates to text

Some writers, like James Joyce, never actually finished writing anything they published. They keep tinkering years after their book is first printed.

I'm having that problem. Little changes here and there keep occuring to me. When I make a change in my source text, I have to then make the change in the 1 chapter, 2 chapters, and 3 chapter versions I keep so I can generate PDFs in those lengths for reviewers. Of course, after making changes in the source, I then need to regenerate the PDFs.

But I'm not done yet. The Amazon Kindle and Smashwords editions each need to be updated. The Kindle source version is kept in HTML, while Smashwords is in a MS Word document. After I've made the updates to each of the published Ebook editions, I'm done.

I'll suppose keep doing this until the Ebooks are selling or a publisher accepts some version of the manuscript for a print version.