Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Createspace POD publishing

I received a clarifying telephone call from customer service at createspace.com. In a followup from a previous post, I now understand how the createspace book printing works.

There are really two options for self-printing/publishing my book:
  1. Use the createspace Amazon distribution channel (an e-store within Amazon) to sell and print on demand single copies of my book.
  2. Use the createspace publishing platform to print multiple copies of my book to distribute any way I see fit.

I've determined that, for me, the best use of POD publishing is to use number 2. My reason is simple, although it was difficult to tease the information out of createspace, cost per book. Using option 1, I was given a cost per book of $17.64 (which equals the lowest retail price allowed for the book), the particulars of which I included in a previous post.

However, using option 2, I obtain a printed cost of $6.41 per book and I can set any retail price I choose. Another benefit of option 2 is that I can print any quantity of books I like for that price. I could print two books and have them mailed to any address I choose. One deficit of option 2 is that there are no price breaks for greater quantities. I can never receive a lower cost per book than $6.41.

I'm going to try it. I've n0thing to lose. Once I hit Submit on my publishing page, a single proof copy of my book will be printed and mailed to me. If I've got it right, I can approve the proof and order the printing of additional copies. If I disapprove the proof, I can make changes to the text, upload a new text file, and re-submit, get a new proof copy, etc.

Future BLOG posts will update my experience with POD and let readers know how successful I find this form of printing/marketing is.