Monday, January 11, 2010

Using CreateSpace

I've decided to submit my text to and order a preview copy of the book. Actually reading the story in a trade paperback should give me an opportunity to make any final edits. No matter what anyone says, there is a difference in reading a physical book and viewing pages online or in an e-reader. I will be paying about $15.00 (including postage) for my proof copy of the book. I should receive it in 1-2 weeks. Once re-edited, tere are three ways I can sell the printed book:
  • Print On Demand (POD). I must update my website with a PayPal link through which I can receive credit card payments for the book and an e-mail notice of payment so I can ship a purchased book to a customer. Advantage, I obtain the highest markup. Disadvantage, customers must go to PayPal site to buy.
  • I can also send Amazon 5-10 hard copies to hold in their warehouse and ship to customers purchasing through their online store. Advantage, customers browsing on Amazon can find the book and purchase it using their one-click option. Disadvantage, Amazon keeps more of the revenue.
  • I can set up and operate an Amazon or Ebay store to allow sales of single copies through it. Advantage, the store host processes payments for me. Disadvantage, they keep more of the revenue.

Of course, all this time I continue to offer the Ebook on both Amazon Kindle and SmashWords Estores. Links from my website should help direct sales traffic for all of these methods. The big question, how can I turn website visits into sales? As I discover how to do that, I will continue to BLOG the results.