Saturday, February 6, 2010

Editing the Novel, again

I am so pleased with the new changes I've made to the novel. I'm almost done with this edit and putting the text into this new form/outline. Once finished and uploaded, I will then order a new trade-size proof copy from Once received, that will be my opportunity to approve the final version.

Currently I have 3 versions to standardize: the CreateSpace paperback version, the Kindle version, and the SmashWords version. Once the paperback is completed, then I have to make those same changes in the E-book versions. Once both E-versions are complete, I will produce the audio book and actual book promotion will begin in earnest.

Once the book is finalized and the paperback is printable, then I will set up my website for print sales, open an e-store, set up the Amazon account to sell the paperback, and begin aggressive promotion of both the E-book and paperback.

By the way, my Ezine writing articles have received 108 views. Since I published them, free downloads of sample Ebooks has gone up to 20 in the last month. I'm guessing that readers of my articles about writing are the ones who have downloaded a sample chapter of the novel. I must write another article soon.

More to come soon. I will do my best to record the process, the success and failures of my plan and approach.