Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New URL and Content

After over 5,000 unique visitors, I've replaced the old website with a new one http://www.timeoftheheathen.com. Lots is new on the new site.

You can now purchase the trade paperback version of the book directly from the author using PayPal. Also, during recent editing, I revised the book's organization to break long chapters into 5-6 page sections that have been individually titled as myths. With each chapter sub-divided into separate myths, I introduced a new character, a fictional editor, who claims to have collected the myths related to the founding of his civilization.

With this reorganization I have greatly improved the raisons d'etre for writing the book which makes the book a lot more fun and a lot easier reading.

If you are one of the almost 50 people who downloaded samples of the previous, draft, Ebook version from Smashwords, please revisit on 4/10/2010 and take a look at the new text.

As soon as I complete my writing contact with Microsoft, I will begin a book tour to promote sales. The content of the tour will be part of a Video BLOG combined with Twitter and this BLOG to allow everyone to follow the attempt by an Indie Writer to publish and promote his fiction without help from the publishing establishment. I hope you will all follow my adventures in this endeavor.

Thanks again to family and friends for reading the draft and for your encouragement. Now let's see if we can get some sales!

Jim Matteson