Monday, May 3, 2010

Promo Attempts to Ponder

I've been trying to stir up any interest in my book by several e-mail messages.
  1. I've sent a press release to all of the book editors I could locate an e-mail address for in my local community. I did receive a response from one editor for the six I sent. That editor invited me to meet with him at noon the next day. Unfortunately, I was out-of-town. I hope to see a message agreeing to a meeting next week.
  2. I wrote all the college English professors I could find for the local colleges, stating I was available to speak to their students about technical and novel writing and sending links to my work. I sent seven requests, heard no response.
  3. I wrote ten Christian schools, stating my availability to speak to their students and heard one enthusiastic response from a secretary, who needed to run it by the pastor. Haven't seen a follow-up yet.
  4. I tried to contact an author by writing to his publisher and requesting an address so I could send him a book, if he was willing to look it over and provide a comment. The publisher wrote back saying the author wasn't interested in commenting on another's literary work.

These are my attempts last week to ping some folks and promote the work. If you have tried some other connections, let me know. I did get 2 responses, 1 of them from a newspaper editor. So I'll say, maybe that's not so bad.