Friday, September 24, 2010

Google Analytics

I added Google Analytics to my site ( It appears the the statistics it generates vary a lot based upon site design. My landing page is also the page with the most content. Most people get to it and then leave after scanning the content. They don't appear to click many other links, because there aren't many. So I get a high "bounce" rate. This doesn't mean my site rejects viewers, it just means that readers do not click around to multiple pages within the site.

The website game that Google Analytics seems to support is, once people come to your site, keeping them there as long as possible and moving them around in multiple site pages.

This isn't my site's design. Is that wrong?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting near the end of my two writing projects: technical writing for a museum software project and technical writing for a computer chip manufacturer. Hopefully, I'll soon be back fulltime working on Book 2 of Time of the Heathen and promoting Book 1.

My old Time of the Heathen website now has over 11,000 visitors. However, my new website is not picking up that traffic. An automatic re-direct is not technically possible, per my former Internet Service provider. But you'd think more than 3% of visitors to the legacy site would click the link to the new site.

It doesn't appear to be happening - or my new provider isn't recording the traffic. Which is it?