Friday, March 4, 2011


Time of the Heathen has not proved to be a success.

First, several people told me the name was too scary for most readers -- they just would be afraid to find out more. Traffic to my website was 1-2 clicks per day, totally 5505 since I first put it up as a Comcast personal web site back in 2009.

Second, Smashwords E-version had 115 sample (10% of text) downloads, with no sales. Mark Coker states, "one sale for every 140 downloads, and for books that have actually sold one or more copies, it's about 1/50."

Third, Amazon digital just sent me $13.93 payment for sales of E-book versions sold. I think these went to family.

Fourth, CreateSpace, where I printed my paperback version sold me 28 copies. I gave 13-14 away to GoodReads reviewers and got 1 review (bad) from a girl who usually reads vampire romance novels.

So, I've decided to close down the website and rewrite by book as a literary genre title named "The End of This, The Beginning of That". I've added a new character, a fictional editor, and provided a new thread of plot running through the story. I asked to submit it to a Christian agent (Nancy Jernigan) who accepted the first 3 chapters for review Feb 16th, 2011.

Time of the Heathen is dead. Long live The End of This, The Beginning of That.