Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Writing/Technical Writing/World at Peace

Just came back from a job interview for a large software producer in Tucson. They may hire me to write about a software accounting tool. I would relocate for 6 months and maintain 2 residences for that time, but it could be worth it. However, I'm worried that my fiction writing will suffer as I focus on the 8-10 hour days of technical writing.

Now that the first volume of my book, Time of the Heathen is published as an Ebook, I want to finish the second volume to complete the story. But my follow-up is difficult because it contains a section where I need to describe a world and a set of characters living without violence, war, and strife, and where most human failings are (for a time) minimal. Of course, all the 'niceness' doesn't last for long; nevertheless, it is very difficult to describe human interactions without the presence of any conflict. Perhaps that is why no one ever writes about life in 'heaven'.

Still trying to locate early readers for volume 1. If you have an interest, contact me at time_of_the_heathen@comcast.net.