Friday, February 26, 2010

New Changes in Novel Organization

I was writing the second volume of my two-part novel, Time of the Heathen, and had started the novel with a new character. This character was a professor who had found, edited, and was now publishing myths he had collected about the founding of his civilization and the destruction of the civilization that predated his own.

Each chapter in the second volume was composed of short 'myths' the professor had found that addressed his main concern, how his civilization had developed.

I stopped. I suddenly realized that the organization of Vol 2 is what I should have selected for Vol 1. Therefore, I went back to Vol 1 and reordered it by breaking each chapter into component, short myths. Then, I added an editor's introduction that explained the professor's collection of these myths.

The results were /are astonishing. The new organization brings both volumes together in tone and substance. Other problems with Vol 1 were also overcome. For example, my chapters in Vol 1 ran about 30 pages. This required a lot of concentration from readers. By dividing each chapter into 3 -6 individual myths makes it possible for readers to easily grasp 4-6 pages that sub-divide a portion of the original story. It made an obvious improvement.

I have now completed the re-org of Vol 1 paperback and requested a new proof from the printer. I have also updated the version and will upload it this weekend. And I'm in the process of updating the Kindle version of Vol 1.

Once the updates are complete and available for sale, promotion begins. I finally feel as if I am getting closer to making this book really available to SFF readers.